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Ododo Wa:
Stories of Girls In War

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Temporary exhibition


Role: Exhibit graphic design and production, animation art direction

Ododo Wa: Stories of Girls in War traces the journey of two girls from Uganda – Evelyn Amony and Grace Acan – who were abducted and held captive for years by a rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). After their ordeal, Evelyn and Grace discovered the power of using their voices to find healing and seek justice for women who survived captivity with the LRA.​

The exhibit’s walls are illustrated with drawings created by women survivors as they worked through their trauma in storytelling circles.

The exhibit also sets the stage for two animated films that feature Evelyn and Grace courageously sharing their personal stories. Vivid animated drawings express their lives in captivity and illustrate the dangers they faced from both the LRA and government soldiers before finally returning to their homes and families.

Pop-up versions of the exhibition were also developed for tour in various African communities including Uganda, Luo, Kampala and Kitgum.

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